Problem Statement
As <Intralinks user> , when I upload multiple files into a Workspace, I need feedback from the system so that I can monitor the progress, correct any errors, and have a view of the overall status of this action (which is happening asynchronously in the background).
• Upload indication
• Ability to "stop" and remove file from uploading (before check phase)
• Virus Scan/ File Processing indication
• Async cross-workspace progress of all async processes
• Error states
Previous Version of Multi-file Uploads
This was a "design" that developers conceived and implemented--it did not have any UX input. Notice that after the drag and drop of files, the progress bars are progressing "below the fold"...the user has no idea of any progress being made without scrolling. Then, as each file uploads a light green confirmation box quickly pops up and fades away in the lower right hand of the screen--too fast to be read, and for hundreds of files being uploaded, this becomes incredibly distracting to the user. Lastly, if a user were to navigate to another page from here, they would have no idea of the progress of their upload and if any files "failed" there was no record or way to remedy their action.
Interaction Flow & Error States
HTML Prototype
This video starts showing what a user would see after an initial multi-file upload. A simple click on-page or from the top center console allows a user to re-try their upload for files with errors.

Full HTML prototype, coded by my colleague, Meghan Mulmeyer

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