Matchbox Product: ATS - Applicant Detail: Overview page 
UX wireframe, information hierarchy and interaction flow
Matchbox Product: ATS - Applicant Detail: Task

College Admission Application: Applicant detail page with easy access"drawer" to perform individual tasks for a specific applicant.

UX wireframe and Interaction flow
Matchbox Product: ATS - Applicant Detail: Adding "Evidence" for Admissions Process
College Admission Application: As the "Reader" role is reading through an applicant's writing samples, they can--directly within context of the writing sample--highlight specific passages and tag them as evidence for the admissions approval process. This keeps the Reader directly in their process and allows them to flow seamlessly and efficiently through their task. 
Both a "floating" module and inline-expand "drawer" approach are explored here.

UX wireframe and Interaction flow
Matchbox Product: ATS - Data Mapping 
A keycode for developers to map database fields to their corresponding sections within the User Interface (UI).

UX wireframe and data mapping
Matchbox Product: v1 ATS wireframes 
Kudos from CEO, Stephen Marcus
Matchbox Product: ATS - Manage Applicant Pool: Bulk Action - "Move to Stage"
When managing large pools of applicants, a way to move large groups of applicants to the next phase of the admissions process was needed. After segmenting the applicant pool, a user can select and move applicants in many different stages to another stage in a simple, combined interaction.

UX wireframe, Interaction flow, visual design - high fidelity mockups

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