Jeff Weiner
LinkedIn, CEO
Stephen Marcus
Matchbox, CEO
Eileen Hoff
Intralinks: VP, User Experience, Product & Services
"Amberlee has gone above and beyond in supporting the DealNexus team. She took it on herself to create the new brand aligned visual style for the DealNexus product while at the same time creating a style guide. Normally this would not be seen as out of the ordinary for a Visual Designer but Amberlee had to review and re-specify in greater than normal detail the designs in order to support the back end developers (who are not familiar with front end development) to apply the new visual uplift. Amberlee did this without the benefit of User Experience Director and coordinated all this while attaining approvals and consensus from Branding and Product teams.
While all that was going on she was creating wireframes (the entire user experience) specifications and visual design for the DealNexus mobile product. She was working late into the night doing full UX designs so developers had screens and specifications the next day from which to build the screens. She was literally working one day in advance of the development teams build needs.
And all the while Amberlee was coordinating the style guide and communications with all the UX mobile teams to try and ensure a consistent experience across mobile products and platforms."

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