Intralinks new product for alternative investments, InvestorVision, had the power to integrate with many 3rd party accounting and database systems.  In an effort to seamlessly import/sync the historical and current financial data for funds we wanted to expose the some of the platform APIs so that our clients to leverage this functionality.
This interface would first be exposed to Intralinks client support admins and later as self-serve to client admins and allowed for the setting of the client ID/client secret for access to APIs, as well as the ability to throttle data limits, set policies, refresh API keys or disable access altogether.
process flow
Ensuring that the logic flow makes sense from the get-go, I worked with and reviewed this flow diagram, first with the Engineering team and then with product management and other designers. The absence of UI helps everyone focus on the flow and inter-connectedness of the functionality without getting hung-up on visual details.
starting from an administrative area of the product, clear and straightforward interaction made API simple and easy to manage.

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