Intralinks purchased PE Nexus in April 2013 and added it to it's M&A deal lineup as Intralinks Dealnexus. In the fall of 2013, I was brought in to do a complete visual refresh of the product to bring the look and feel more in line with the Intralinks brand.
At the time, the only style guide was for the Brand/Marketing department (no guidelines or specifications existed for ANY of Intralinks' digital products). Based on the Brand guidelines and website I set out to visually re-design every aspect of the Dealnexus product (all within a four month period of time). I managed to do this without the benefit of User Experience Director (the previous Director left 3 weeks after I started) and coordinated the entire project while attaining approvals and consensus from Branding and Product teams.
Before and After
A few selections to illustrate the differences between the previous site and after the visual re-brand.
Style Guide (draft)
Specs (Redlines)
The entire style guide was documented with full specs online in Confluence. Below is an example of the amount of specification and detail needed for Intralinks' development team.

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