In the spirit of Agile/Scrum boards, I decided to make a board for our UX team that accomplished the following:

• Quick & easy daily "walking of the board" focused on PROJECTS not individual efforts
• Cross-team communication to keep us all "in the know"--especially for projects we weren't involved in--good for not duplicating design efforts for common requests coming from multiple sources or establishing consistency in interaction patterns
• Easy to update
• The ability to see the "status" of projects at a glance (no more daily & weekly status reports!)
• Socialized to other team and upper management the projects we were working on
• Make it easy to schedule resources

I am particularly proud of this project due to the fact that no one asked for it or even knew they wanted it, but I credit myself with the ability to see a problem and propose a tactical strategy and process to address it.
Visual Project Board: Concept
This is the concept that I presented to our team for feedback and input. Our VP of UX presented this to gain upper management buy-in.
Visual Project Board: In Action
Here's the board in action. Due to the large number of projects; Research, Tech Writing, Upcoming projects, vacation, design lunch topics, etc. were moved to the back of the board.

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