Problem Statement
As George/Dave* [user types], I need to create/edit groups at the global level (that are consistent across all workspaces for users within an Intralinks Business Group) so that I can use these groups for workspace and folder permissions as well as for task assignments.

*George & Dave user types are users that have Admin ability for the product... Dave is an end-user of the product as well.

Dealmanager (buy-side): Dave and Aaron’s deal team is made up of the internal business groups (HR, Operations, IT, Legal, Finance, etc.) in the company. The people in these groups that participate in the deal evaluation process are generally consistent across workspaces. Dave wants to be able to create groups, add people and be able to manage these people and groups. Dave wants to be able to use these global-level groups and  permission them to specific content within workspaces, and assign them tasks. Dave does not want to have to re-create these groups for each deal. 

Fred has hundreds of users in a workspace and he wants to easily permission groups of people by role (viewer, editor, owner)

Fred wants to ease the add & remove flow of users during a project lifecycle. There are 20 people in a Workspace. 10 people are assigned to multiple folders. One person in the group moves to another project...Fred doesn't want to have to go to each individual folder to remove this user from the project...just remove them from the group.
Users & Groups - Visual Design
Functionality: Admins (slides 1-25)
• C.R.U.D. Group
• Add/Remove People
• Quick-Add People to Groups (filter People list, multi-select and use a bulk action to add to 1 or multiple groups)
• Dynamic filter list of Groups

Functionality: End Users in Collaborative Workspaces
(slides 26-31)
• Share a Workspace or Folder and assign a role (to group(s))
• Assign a task (to group(s))
Visual Design by John Corsi
After many design sessions, user testing/validation and multiple iterations this highly-requested customer feature finally reached the development queue--but, ultimately got de-prioritized due to lack of development resources. Although this feature has not "shipped" yet, I believe my design efforts and process are to be applauded.

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