As the sole designer supporting an entire line of business and 4+ Scrum teams at any given time, it was important to have a calendar that could quickly give an overview of all items inflight or coming up.
Sometimes you don't get right the 1st time
Having scoped and planned many projects throughout my career, my first thought was to rely on a traditional project management tools, a Gantt chart.
•  Allowed for very detailed notation of what needed to be done each day
•  Project milestone could be called out
•  Natural view of time progressing from left to right
•  Too detailed, difficult to quickly understand
•  Too large (width), difficult to see full span of project timeline
•  Difficult to see across multiple initiatives and re-prioritize
Each row represents an initiative or feature. Time progresses from left to right. Transparent red bar represents current week.
simplified, holistic approach
Large blocks, color-coded for various phases of the software development lifecycle, give a quick, holistic view. The simple interface facilitates discussions with product management and engineering to update, scope and re-prioritize with ease.

Each column represents an initiative or feature. Time moves from top to bottom. Transparent red bar represents current week.

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