When Intralinks merged with SS&C, InvestorVision was acquired as the replacement for Intralinks' legacy fund reporting product. There was a multitude of unknowns about how new clients should be onboarded to Investorvision as both Intralinks and SS&C had different sales & support teams, accounting systems and no clear integration processes. I used the service blueprinting process* to define the internal processes that supported this portion of the customer journey.
Through a series of interviews, smaller working sessions and eventually a large workshop, the following was achieved:
•  Shared understanding of the onboarding process
•  Understanding of pain points in process
•  Brainstorm and identify ideas and opportunities for improvement
•  Identify points for further conversation

I organized, planned and led the entire experience including:

•  Drafting vision and key milestones for review and sign-off by VP of Alternative Investments
•  Reviewing goals and milestones with Manager of Client Services (CSM) to garner buy-in and access to staff
•  Conducted five collaborative sessions to uncover, explore and define the blueprint for each scenario
•  Organized a virtual, collaborative workshop (during a the pandemic!) which included Client, Customer and Technical support, Engineering, Training, Design and Product Management across 6 time zones
•  Followed-up with CSMs and Product Management to prioritize first round of items to include in teams' backlog and the product roadmap
6 scenarios identified & Blueprinted
1. Intralinks sold with Intralinks (Trinity) data provider (example shown below)
2. Intralinks sold with SS&C data provider (TNR, etc)
3. Intralinks sold with no data provider (docs only)
4. Intralinks Fund Reporting to InvestorVision via Migration
5. SS&C sold with SS&C data provider
6. SS&C sold with no data provider (docs only)

Scenarios 1 & 3: Service Blueprint

* For more information of what service blueprinting is and how it differs from a customer journey: https://blog.practicalservicedesign.com/the-difference-between-a-journey-map-and-a-service-blueprint-31a6e24c4a6c

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