Through customer interviews, secondary research and validation with SMEs I immersed myself--almost to the point of becoming a subject-matter expert-- to fully define and understand the full clinical trial process (a new use-case Intralinks would like to capture in the market). In conjunction with Product Marketing, I was able to define roles and delineate each role's individual journey through the process--their contributions and needs. As the work progressed, I validated the user types, work flow and conceptual interfaces I designed in a narrative walk-through with Product Marketing and SMEs.
User Journey & Task Analysis - ALL user types
Here is a consolidated view of all the user types throughout the Clinical Trial journey. Color-coding highlights the prominent user type for each task through the phases of the journey.
User Journey & Task Analysis
A look at the user journey and tasks for the Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
User Types
After research and drafting the overall journey phases, I was able to define three primary user types for the clinical trial process that Intralinks would need to focus on.
Product Needs Matrix
After going through each user type's journey, defining their primary tasks and assessing their needs to meet their task goals, I put together a matrix of functional product features based on the themes I saw during my analysis.
Narrative Walk-through
Final "draft" of narrative walk-through, validated by our SME, Dan Sfera.

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